Monday, October 17, 2016

Backpacking Mount Bromo & Ijen : Surabaya to Probolinggo

Juanda International Airport (Surabaya) to Probolinggo
There are some options to get to Probolinggo from Surabaya either by public bus or train, we prefer to suggest train than bus as it is more comfortable and reliable.

By Train
The main train station of Surabaya is Gubeng Train Station that needs about 45 minutes drive from Juanda Airport. The easiest way to get to Gubeng Train Station from the airport by hire a taxi, the other option is taking a public bus called DAMRI  that both available at the airport exit.

Trains to Probolinggo are available at 04.25 AM, 9.00 AM, 2.00 PM, 03.30 PM and 10.00 PM, there are three different classes  for the train economic, business, and executive class that make the price different.
Juanda Airport to Gubeng Train Station by taxi cost about IDR 100.000 instead by DAMRI bus would cost for IDR 45.000. Trains to Probolinggo from Surabaya will cost varied from IDR 96.000 (Economic / 2.00 PM) - IDR 175.000 (Executive / 8.30 AM & 10.00 PM). Check for complete schedule.

Train Name Departure / Arrival Pricing
Probowangi 04.25 AM / 06.36 AM IDR 29.000
Mutiara Timur Siang 09.00 AM / 10.59 AM IDR 60.000 - IDR 150.000
Sritanjung 02.30 PM / 04.30 PM IDR 96.000
Logawa 03.30 PM / 05.30 PM IDR 74.000
Mutiara Timur Malam 10.00 PM /11.52 PM IDR 60.000 - IDR 150.000
By Public Bus
When you go out from the airport, just take DAMRI bus to go to Bungurasih Bus Terminal. Then find a bus to go to Probolinggo. There are some bus companies that offer different rate to go to Probolinggo, but the rate are very competitive.
Bus travel from Surabaya to Probolinggo will take approximately 4 hours, economic bus will take longer time as it will stop many times to take passengers on the road. Approximate price is IDR 45.000 (Economic) - IDR 75.000 (Executive). Executive bus will go straight to Probolinggo without taking stop over.
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