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We have cheap bed for a short stay,locker service for guests who arrive late evening and do not need book a bed at all.

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We could arrange a private car with a driver or help you to find motorbike for self ride to explore Banyuwangi.

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We provide guests either private or share tours, visitors could also book cheap ticket for train and flight here easily.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour - One Day Tour

Tour Highlight

# One-day tour
# Blue fire, sunrise, and sulfur mining activities
# No Accommodation, Locker only
# Min. 2 Pax

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
- Pick up from Banyuwangi area, pick up time by request
- Arrive at our office to store your bags in the locker we have
- Free activities (We have free WiFi, Coffee making facilities, and Free Drinking Water)
- Depart for Ijen

Day 2
- Arrived at the Paltuding, followed by trekking to the crater
- Arriving at the crater area if you are lucky you can watch blue fire and sunrise
- Return to Paltuding
- Until Paltuding returned to Banyuwangi
- Delivered to Station / Airport / Hotel and tour ends


- Private car transfer with driver
- Driver, fuel, and parking fee included
- The tour guide (English speaking)
- Entrance fee
- Locker facility
- WiFi, Free coffee, and breakfast
- The proper gas mask provided


- Additional cost if guests decide to book a room for one night in our guesthouse
- Contact us before booking to check availability or more information


- IDR 700.000 / Pax ( 2 Pax )
- IDR 600.000 / Pax ( 3 Pax )
- IDR 550.000 / Pax ( 4 Pax )
- IDR 500.000 / Pax ( Over 4 Pax )

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tera Homestay - Budget Friendly And Comfortable

Banyuwangi 2018 - We were happily announced that we just open our new property under name " Tera's House - Homestay and Tour ". It is located only 5 minutes walk from Karangasem train station which consists of 2 private bedrooms. It is good for family or small group of friends.


  • Air Condition Bedroom
  • Free High Speed WiFi
  • Queen size bed
  • Free unlimited water, coffee, and tea (self service)
  • Western toilet (shared bathroom)
  • Towel and blanket
  • Common area
  • Tour Organizing
  • Ticket Services
  • Car rental (with driver)

Pricing: Start from IDR 175.000,- / Night (Two Persons Sleeping)

Image result for terahomestay

Sunday, September 3, 2017

From Banyuwangi - Probolinggo - Surabaya [Summarry Report]

Today we will share travel tips about How To Get To Kawah Ijen, Probolinggo and Surabaya From Banyuwangi, just to be remembered we took our homestay Kampung Osing Inn as a starting point due to its location which is close to Karangasem Train Station. d stay in our lovely homestay "Kampung Osing Inn", if you haven't stay there yet, contact us now to secure your room.

Kampung Osing Inn To Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen take about 1-1.5 hours drive from Kampung Osing Inn, the easiest way to get there just book a package. We organize shared tour with our other guests at affordable and reasonable price, if you book a private tour in advance we will give you some discount and bonus.

You also could just hike Kawah Ijen by yourself by hire car and self ride by motorbike. Self ride could be the cheapest way to get but it less safe for riding midnight and exhausted condition after tough hike. It is possible but not safety enough for your first time motorbike ride, for more detail about how to get there independently read out our previous post above link.

Kampung Osing Inn To Probolinggo By Train

The easiest way getting to Probolinggo from Banyuwangi is by taking train, there are three trains which is going to Probolinggo.

Sritanjung Train

It has departure time quite early in the morning at 06.45 am, it is not possible to get to this train if you are doing Kawah Ijen unless you have to spend another night in Banyuwangi. This Sritanjung train also could take you to Surabaya and Yogyakarta.

This train will arrive in Lempuyangan Train Station in Yogyakarta, it is not the main station which take about 30 minutes taxi drive to the center. Arrival time at Yogyakarta around 8.30 pm.

Mutiara Timur Siang Train 

This train is the best option to get to Probolinggo, mostly you will arrive back from Kawah Ijen roughly at 8.00 am. For the price is a bit more expensive than Sritanjung Train as it has Business and Executive Class train.

Probowangi Train

This is the latest and cheapest train options, but it will be arriving at Probolinggo in the evening estimated arrival time at 06.30 pm. We do not recommend this train unless you do not have other option due to its late arrival. You will have a difficulties to find public bus to get to Cemara Lawang, the latest bus available until 04.00 pm.

Probolinggo To Surabaya By Train
Using the same trains available above to get to Surabaya, what you need to do is getting down from Cemara Lawang on time.

Tips : Do not book your train ticket in advance, just book it on the spot. Public bus used to having delay to go to Probolinggo.

Sritanjung Train 
Departure from Probolinggo train station at 11.00 am, it is a bit rush.  You have to manage your Bromo trek wisely, moreover if you intend to take Sritanjung Train to get to Yogyakarta. It is better to check seat availability first at the station and book the ticket later on the spot.

Mutiara Timur Siang Train
It is a better option if you just want to go to Surabaya from Probolinggo, it departs from Probolinggo at about 01.00 pm. Have enough time to explore Mt. Bromo without being worried about missing the train.

Exploring Surabaya, the first destination is House of Sampoerna, call them in advance to book free tourism bus to get around Surabaya most historic places in town and it is totally free.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Banyuwangi - Probolinggo -Surabaya - Yogyakarta | Direct Train

SRITANJUNG TRAIN | Banyuwangi to Yogyakarta Direct Train
We have a train name SRITANJUNG which take route Banyuwangi to Yogyakarta, this train is a direct economic train which also makes stop over Probolinggo and Surabaya in between. The SriTanjung train is an economic class train, Departure from Banyuwangi at 06.30 AM. It will take 12 hours to reach Yogyakarta. As it is an economic train, it cost pretty cheap IDR 98.000 Per Person. On the train has AC, Restaurant, Toilet, and Securities. Sritanjung train will be arriving Probolinggo at 11.00 AM and stop over at Surabaya 02.00 PM
Things To Note: Departure from Banyuwangi would be taken from Banyuwangi Baru Station and Karangasem Station. The train will arrive at Lempuyangan Train Station Yogyakarta (30 Minutes away from city center).
MUTIARA TIMUR SIANG TRAIN | Banyuwangi to Surabaya Direct Train
Another train name MUTIARA TIMUR SIANG is a direct train from Banyuwangi to Surabaya which available from Banyuwangi at 09.00 AM at Banyuwangi Baru Train Station. It would be also available from Karangasem Train Station 09.15 AM. MUTIARA TIMUR SIANG has two different classes Executive and Business Class which cost varied from IDR 85.000 - IDR 160.000 Per Person.
Things To Note: Mutiara Timur Siang is the best option for you who did Kawah Ijen the night before. This train would make a stop over at Probolinggo (Arrival 01.30 PM) and arrive Surabaya 03.15 PM.

PROBOWANGI TRAIN | Banyuwangi to Surabaya Direct Train
A Later economic train which available at 01.30 PM from Banyuwangi leaving for Probolinggo and Surabaya. This train is the cheapest one you could get for IDR 45.000 Per Person. It will arrive Probolinggo at around 07.00 PM then continue to go to Surabaya Gubeng Train Station (arrival time 10.00 PM).
Things To Note: This train is not recommended if you want to go to Bromo directly as it will arrive Probolinggo quite late evening. It means that there will be no longer public bus to go from Probolinggo to Cemara Lawang.
Need A Train Ticket? Book Here 

Friday, July 7, 2017

SRIWIJAYA AIR Banyuwangi to Jakarta | Direct Flight

Todays, reaching Banyuwangi could have never been easy.  Sriwijaya Air has already opened a direct flight from Jakarta to Banyuwangi started from June 16th, 2017. This is a new innovation from Sriwijaya Air Group to shorten the flight route which needs to have transit flight to Surabaya as we did before Sriwijaya Air officially operate this direct flight route. Sriwijaya Air operates once a day flight either from Jakarta or Banyuwangi which will take approximately 1,5 hours fly.

Jakarta - Banyuwangi : Departure 07.05 AM [Soekarno Hatta Airport] | Arrival 08.35 AM [Blimbingsari Airport] | IDR 900.000 Per Pax
Banyuwangi - Jakarta : Departure 09.05 AM [Blimbingsari Airport] | Arrival 10.30 AM [Soekarno Hatta Airport] | IDR 900.000 Per Pax
 * Price and time schedule could be changed by the flight provider without further notification to us.
** We do not take any responsibility for the change of price and schedule.

Need A Flight Ticket? Book Here

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Backpacking Mount Bromo & Ijen : Banyuwangi to Kawah Ijen Independently

As one of most popular tourist attractions in Banyuwangi, Kawah Ijen is a must to be visited. There are many options to do Kawah Ijen, the easiest way is going to book the tour in some operators. Going by tour probably be the best option for traveler that want to have everything well organized. 

Some travelers are prefer to do it by their own way for some reasons like tight budget or want to have time flexibility for their visit. Independent travel to Kawah Ijen could be challenging as it is not as easy as written on your Lonely Planet Book. Here we write about the options to do Kawah Ijen Independently without a tour.

1. Motorbike Rent Self Riding - IDR 75.000 / 24 Hours

Going by your own motorbike could be the cheapest way to get to Kawah Ijen, we can't say it would be easy to do that but practically it is doable. Most of our guests who went by motorbike riding found their way easily.
Attention : Along the way to Kawah Ijen is only one straight road until Paltuding Pos, practically you will not get lost. What you need to do is follow the path and signs.
Tips : The path to Kawah Ijen was good with pavement, but it will be dark along the way, steep at some points, and easily land slide happen at rainy season. For your own safety please make sure you are get used to ride motorbike on Indonesian road, you do not have vision difficulties, and make sure your motorbike at its best performance.

2. Motorbike Riding (Ojek) - IDR 200.000 (Go and Back)

For travelers who do not able to ride motorbike by yourself and still want to do Kawah Ijen with budget friendly, try to get the by Ojek. Somebody will ride the motorbike along the way then you just sit on the back of him.
Attention : Make sure you get an ojek rider that familiar about Kawah Ijen, for your safety ask him to provide you good condition helmet. Finally do not pay him in advance, only pay when you arrive back safely.
Tips : Before going back from Kawah Ijen, please take a break for a while unless to drink coffee or coke. It will help you to stay awake during your way back. It would be dangerous if you fall asleep on the motorbike.

3. Sulfur Truck Hitch Hiking - IDR ???

There is another challenging way to go Kawah Ijen, hitch hike to sulfur miner truck. This truck available mostly in the morning about 7 am, it used to transfer sulfur workers. It will depart from sulfur company called PT. Candi Ngrimbi that located at a last village at the base of Kawah Ijen called Desa Tamansari. A second truck from Tamansari available about noon around 11 am, for sulfur worker the company charge them for 10.000 IDR per person. As you are a foreigner you could negotiate with the driver how much money they want, because there is no fix price. Treat them few pack of cigarette also worth for them.
Attention : The truck has no fix departure schedule, as it really depend on site condition. The schedule we provided was as a result of short interview with the workers. Mostly there is no truck on Friday. 
 Tips : For coming back from Kawah Ijen you could take the same truck, it will depart about noon but sometimes could be late as it wait the truck full of sulfur.

 4. 4WD Rent - IDR 600.000 (Go and Back)

If you travel with group of friends, probably you also need to consider to rent 4WD Car. Mostly it will cost IDR 600.000 for the whole car, it could fit for 6 persons inside. If you are quite small size person you could make it 7 in the car. The price is include driver, fuel, and parking fee. We can help you to book a driver for Kawah Ijen.

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